Monday, November 27, 2006

Round 2 - Zarko

The Zarko Family
107 Lake Street
$42, 125
Title: Birthdays Galore
Zarko - Edward, Adam, Amanda, Evan
Hello everyone, I'm Amanda and I'm going to tell all of you how my family's second week here in Prosperity Island went by. Let me warn you ahead of time, there are tons of birthdays in this update, so get your singing voice ready....
I continued teaching Evan all of the basic skills he would need as he grows older. Adam would usually paint for extra money while I taught Evan his skills. There's other good news...I'm pregnant! I'm so happy, I didn't think that Adam and I would have another baby so soon! I can't wait for our new baby! I had been a little worried about Adam being more interested in making money and that he wouldn't spend time with Evan but he turned out to be a great dad. He sometimes even tucks Evan in before going to bed. Edward, being the knowledge sim that he is, continued working on his skills. He wants to learn everything there is but I'm a little worried that he won't have enough time to accomplish his goal before he goes to that big luah in the sky. He doesn't seem to find his age an issue and even maxed out his mechanical skills on Tuesday. I found my pregnancy to be more difficult than what it was with Evan. I always seemed to be tired and hungry, and sometimes even grouchy. I was so tired that I even fell asleep in my lunch on Tuesday. Evan had his birthday on Tuesday. Edward and Adam were both at work so I just baked a cake and celebrated along with him. Here he is after his birthday...isn't he so cute?!?! And those chubby cheeks of his....he's adorable, and no, I'm not just saying this because I'm his mom! It turned out that Adam not being home for Evan's birthday actually had it's benefits because when he came home from work that day, he made his first $10,000. He was estatic, he's slowly making his way to accomplishing his life-long goal of making $100,000. On Wednesday morning, Adam and I were making our way around our property, we were looking at expanding our home and adding a few new rooms. and I went into labor! Right out there in the front lawn, the mailman was even there! I thought it would be a breeze since this wasn't my first but it was pretty brutal, I had forgotten how much it hurt!
I gave birth at around 11:00 in the morning. As I held my baby in my arms I suddenly felt another sharp pain in my stomach. It was so intense that I had to hand our new born to Adam. The pain got worse and worse and I realized the pain to be another contraction, but how? All of sudden I knew why these pains were coming, I was having....
I was actually having another baby! I had always wanted twins and I was so happy to be going through this experience, best of all, I felt one step closer to my life-long dream of having ten children.
The first baby born is a little GIRL. She has my brown eyes and red hair but she has Adam's light skin tone. We decided to name her Lauren.
Our second baby was another baby GIRL. She's a little different than Lauren in that she has blonde hair, but she also has my brown eyes and Adam's light skin tone. We named our second baby girl Lindsay.
We built our new house the very next day. This is an exterior view of our new home. It doesn't contain all of the windows yet because of lack of money, but the basic structure is set.
This is the first floor of our house. To the right you can find our garage and living room. The bathroom, kitchen, and dining room are to the left.
The top floor consists of (from left to right) ; girl's room, study, Evan's bedroom, foyer, bathroom, and master bedroom. As you can see, he haven't added furniture to most of the top floor, which is also due to lack of money, but we plan on getting all new furniture by next week.
Why is Adam so happy you may ask? Well, during a museum "trip" at his criminal job, he decided to use a crossbow to get to a diamond rather than go throught light beams and..... he got a $20,000 bonus for his great idea. The money really helped out with decorating our house but you won't see that until next week, when we are all finished.
I found taking care of twins was way more difficult than what I had expected. I found myself waking up every hour or two to feed them or change them, it was definitely tiring.
In no time it was time once again for another birthday, actually, two birthdays. Lauren and Lindsay become toddlers Thursday evening. First was Lauren, isn't she adorable? I think that she resembles Adam quite a bit...anyway, here are her stats.....
Lauren Zarko
Female Toddler-S1-Red Hair-Brown Eyes
Aries / 6 Neat - 9 Outgoing - 6 Active - 4 Playful - 5 Nice
And this is Lindsay, which I think, looks more like me ( without the blonde hair) We actually did throw a small party for the girls with their Aunt Samantha and their cousin Andrea, but I was so excited that I forgot to take pics. Anyway, here are Lindsay's stats......
Lindsay Zarko
Female Toddler-S1-Blonde Hair-Brown Eyes
Pisces / 6 Neat - 3 Outgoing - 10 Active - 6 Playful - 10 Nice
I thought the twins were difficult as infants, but boy, that was nothing compared to what they get into as toddlers. They're always running up and down and playing in the toilet, I get tired just thinking about running after them all day! Thankfully, Adam helped out and even taught them a couple of skills, like walking.
Edward, as I mentioned earlier, continued working on his skills. One night, while he was out jogging and working on his body skills, came upon a stray. Edward has always like dogs and pet and fed the dog, it's just that there's something strange about it.....It's eyes are a weird yellow color and they seem to glow! Edward says it's just a dog, but I think it may be something more?
This is just a cute picture of the girls I found. You can see that Lindsay is working on her piano skills and Lauren is busy working her logic skills. They're just so cute!
Just because we've been paying so much attention to the girls doesn't mean that Evan is forgotten... we tried to spend as much time with him on our days off and Edward taught him all about painting and playing the piano. Evan seems to be a natural at painting because he sold his first masterpiece this week, at the age of 9! We're so proud of him!
Sunday made way to yet two more birthdays! This time was Lauren's and Lindsay's transition into childhood. The girls seems to be growing up so fast! We didn't throw a party this time because both Adam and I had work and Edward is too old to be running around town making preparations. Anyway, this is Lindsay after her birthday.
And this is Lauren. I'm actually thinking she favors me in the looks department as she grows older, contrary to what I thought before. What do you think?
Well, that's all I have for you guys this week. As you can probably tell, there have been a lot of changes in our family since last time you visited. Make sure to come back next week and see our finished home and Lindsay, Lauren, and Evan all transition into teenagers...Adam and I will definitely need to buy some more aspirin and pain relievers with three teens in the house. See you soon!
-Changes this Round-
Net Worth - $77,525 (Up $ 35,400)
(+2) New Sims - Lauren and Lindsay Zarko

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Round 2 - Morawa

The Morawa Family
105 Lake Street
Title: Manhood
Morawa - Marc
Hi there! It's great that you've come back to see what's happened to me since last week. Put on your seatbelts because tons of changes are on the way...
I continued painting in my spare time. The $98 dollars I made at my job was not enough to pay the bills so I started selling my paintings for more money and get a nice chunk of change from my paintings. I was also finally mastering the art of cooking. The first week was miserable, I burnt basically all of my dinners! But now I can make a mean plate of pasta and macaroni! I ended up selling my first masterpiece Monday night. I made about $500 simoleans! That's more than what I make in a whole week! My 21 birthday was on Wednesday. I didn't really throw a party because I didn't really know anyone besides Nicole and she had work, so I just had a quiet transition on my own. Here I am after my birthday... you can say it.....I'm pretty hot!
Editor's Note: Marc's birthday really wasn't until Sunday but playing this household was getting so boring that I decided to buy Marc an Elixir and make him drink it on one of his "not so happy" days. I just didn't know how to fit the Elixir into the story... The first thing I did after transitioning was call Nicole and invite her over for dinner. She had also grown-up and I found nothing better than holding her hand and talking for hours on end. It was great having someone to talk to, especially since it gets so lonely all by myself.
In what seemed like no time, Nicole and I rekindled our love for each other. It felt so good to share everything with her especially since we have so much in common; we're both orphans, we both didn't get the oppotunity to go to college, and we're both fortune sims. I felt so much love and desire for Nicole that I decided to propose to her that very same night. I knew we were both young, but it felt so right to want to be together for the rest of our lives that she accepted. Nicole immediately moved in after my proposal. She had her hair done and bought some new clothes. Here is some more info about my future wife....
Nicole Thompson
Female Adult-S3-Red Hair-Dark Blue Eyes
Gemini / 10 Neat - 3 Outgoing - 3 Active - 6 Playful - 6 Nice
(Turn Ons/Off) Red Hair and Black Hair / Formal Wear
(LTW) Become Hall of Famer
Store Clerk - $10,000
- Since Nicole wanted to one day become a Hall of Famer, she got a job in the Athletic Career Track the very next morning. With the extra money Nicole brought with her, we decided to expand our house a bit. It's still no mansion, but it's slowly becoming a home. This is the interior of our home...
And this is the exterior. Not too bad, huh?
During our first couple of days together me and Nicole reached our relationship.... Manhood here I come!
Nicole and I talked it over and decided that it would be best if we marry, especially since we were know living together and becoming close. So we held a small wedding ceremony on Saturday and invited a couple of Nicole's friends and I couple of my friends from high school.
Here we are exchanging rings. Nicole looks stunning in her dress and I didn't look that bad either, if I can say so myself. Anyway, after a couple of minutes Nicole Thompson became
Mrs. Nicole Morawa.
During this time I had also been thinking about buying a community lot to bring more money into our household and called up Prosperity Island Bank. Nicole and I currently have about $15,000 simoleans saved up so we can hopefully purchase a lot in the near future.
Buying a community lot will definitely help especially since we're expecting! I'm so excited....I never thought I would become a father at this age... I can't wait for the new baby to arrive early next week!
I'm so proud of Nicole! Being pregnant didn't stop her from raking in the *dinero*....she sold her first novel and made a couple of thousands. If you didn't already tell, this is definitely a fortune household!
I'll wrap up this update with a picture of me making my first $10,000 simoleans. I'm definitely on my way to making 100 thousand and accomplishing my life dream! -
Well, that's all I have for you guys this week....I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about me, and now, my family! Make sure to come back next week and see our new baby! Will it be a girl or a boy? You'll have to come back and find out! See you next week!
-Changes this Round-
Net Worth - $28,065 ( Up $7,073)
(+1) New Sim - Nicole Thompson

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Round 2 - O'Connor

Editor's Note: I would just like to apologize ahead of time for the poor graphics. I again forgot to unpause my game when I take pictures and that caused them to become a little fuzzy....or maybe this family is just bugged? Whatever the cause, sorry!
The O'Connor Family
103 Lake Street
Title: Moving Up
O'Connor - Victoria, Rebecca, Dorian, Madeline, Shawn
Hey guys, it's Madie here and I'm going to tell all of you how my family's second week in Prosperity Island went. There were a couple of birthdays this week so get your party hat ready as I tell you what exactly happened...
First and foremost, Grandma continued painting and actually got pretty good. She was getting about $200 a painting and eventually maxed out her creatvity skills. Grandma wasn't the only one to be raking in the money, mom and dad got on the money bus too! They both made their first $5000 simoleans on Monday after coming home from work. I only got dad's picture though, mom had rushed into the bathroom, I guess there isn't anytime to go to the bathroom when you're robbing a bank, go figure! Shawn had his birthday early in the week. We through a small party with a couple of family friends but I can't seem to find any pictures so I guess I'll just show you a picture of him after his transition. Isn't he adorable? Anyway, here is a little more about my little bro....
Shawn O'Connor
Male Toddler-S2-Blonde Hair-Dark Blue Eyes
Aries / 10 Neat - 9 Outgoing - 7 Active - 3 Playful - 2 Nice
He actually looks a lot like dad, he even has his eye color and nose!

Since both mom and dad work a lot, Grandma Victoria helped Shawn a lot with his basic skills as a toddler. She even taught him how to walk!

My birthday was on Wednesday, one day after Shawn's. Since both mom and dad had the day off, he also had a party with our closest friends. Here I am blowing out my candles!

And here I am after my transition. I decided to give myself more of a grown-up look and bought some make-up and new clothes. I liked my current hairstyle so I kept it the same. By the way, here is a little more about me!
Madeline O'Connor
Female Teenager-S1-Black Hair-Dark Blue Eyes
Aquarius / 4 Neat - 4 Outgoing - 4 Active - 7 Playful - 6 Nice
(Turn Ons/Off) Fitness and Blonde Hair / Brown Hair
(LTW) Become Hall of Famer
I know what all of you are probably thinking....How could little Madie have chosen to aspire Popularity and not follow in her parent's footsteps and aspire for Knowledge?... Well, the answer is quite simple, I want to have my own dreams and be my own person. I guess it's also because I was always highly influenced by Knowledge when I was a kid that I wanted something different, which lead me to choose Popularity as the thing I aspire for.
Moving on to other things....Grandma sold her first novel! I know, it's awesome! She's wanted to sell a great novel for the longest time and it's great to finally see her accomplish her goal. Besides, she even made about $3000 simoleans for her novel, which made her quite happy, being a fotune sim and all.
Dad continued to max out his skills in hopes of knowing everything in the universe. Okay, maybe that's a bit exaggerated...but it's true! Anyway, here he is maxing out his charisma skills.
I really enjoy spending my free time with Shawn. He's so cute and adorable, and I had always wanted a little sibling. Here is a picture of me playing peek-a-boo with him.
His toddler years quickly flew by and in no time it was time for him to transition into a child. There was no party this time because both mom and grandma had work that day and dad isn't what you would call.... a party person. So instead of a party, I helped dad bake a cake for Shawn and the three of us had a little celebration. Here is Shawn after his birthday. I still think he looks adorable, especially with those little curls of his!
Now that we're on the subject of Grandma and her work, she actually reached the top of her career on Friday. Here she is right after she got promoted. I'm so proud of her for accomplishing so many things so late in her life!
This is just a random picture Grandma Vicky took Friday night. I guess it's true what they say..... A Family that Studies Together, Sticks Together.
Mom and dad took on yoga late in the week. It helps them stay in shape for their career. I'm actually considering joining them but I have tons of homework that I'm not sure I have the time.
Why is dad doing the smustle, you may ask? Well, guess what.........he maxed out all of his skills!
Yeah, he finally accomplished his life-long dream of knowing everything there is to know. I'm so happy for him, even though he is kind of a dork. Just kidding!
In case you hadn't noticed from some of the previous pictures, we finally made enough money to rebuild our small house. We still need to install the windows and add some decorations but the basic house is done for the most part. Here is the right side of the first floor. It consists of a living room and the master bedroom.
This is the left side of the first floor. It consists of the foyer, a bathroom, the kitchen, and the living room. We still need to add a few things to the kitchen also, but it's pretty nice, right? This is just our garage. As you can see, we don't have a car yet and we still need to paint but the garage is pretty neat and spacious. On to the second floor....this is the right side of the second floor. It has my bedroom, Shawns bedroom, and small study where we plan on adding some desks and maybe even a piano. The right side of the second floor isn't really finished yet either but it is basically a bathroom and a Grandma's bedroom.
This is the exterior view of our new house. As you can see, we still need to add the siding and brick but it looks pretty cool overall, considering what our old house looked like
( See A New Beginning) it's a huge improvement. I'm so excited that my family finally seems to be moving up and becoming a more wealthy and respected family here in Prosperity Island.
I'll end this update with a picture of us on Halloween. I was a hula girl, Shawn was a scuba-diver, Dad was a ninja, Mom was a vampiress, and Grandma was a chef.
Well...that's all that happened this week. I hope you guys enjoyed learning a bit more about my family and I. Be sure to come back next week and see Shawn grow-up into a teenager and maybe I'll even get a boyfriend...... hey....... a girl can hope can't she! See ya'
-Changes this Round-
Net Worth - $58,663 ( Up $23,854)
(+3) Impossible Want Fulfilled - Victoria O'Connnor