Friday, February 02, 2007

Round 3 - O'Connor

The O'Connor Family
103 Lake Street
Title: Saying Goodbye
O'Connor - Victoria, Rebecca, Dorian, Madeline, Shawn
Hey guys, this is Madeline, and I am once again here to tell you how our third week in Sedona Falls went. To start off, Shawn and I began to once again hang-out and spend time together like we did when he was younger. He just seems to look at me like a role-model and always asks me about advice on school, friends, and life in general, we even developed a new hobby; chess.
Grandma Vicky, on the other hand, spent most of her time painting or writing novels for extra money, just like any other fortune sim would do. Don't get me wrong, she still makes time for us and mom but it's pretty obvious what her true calling is; money. When I did spend time with Grandma, we spent countless hours talking about relationships, life, and, most importantly; boys. I really felt comfortable opening up to her because, despite the age difference, she seemed to understand everything I was going through which enabled us to quickly become friends. Even though I was getting closer and closer to my family, the true popularity sim in me begged to be released from within, and I decided to call up the local matchmaker to get a date. I spent about $4,000 on a date and got him; George McCarthy. I know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but...having a great cover doesn't hurt! I was automatically attracted to George: tan, blonde, hot surfer look - he was just my type. George was definitely worth the $4,000! After a couple of hours of dancing, watching TV, and talking, George and I ended up having a great time. When the night was over, I had totally fallen for him and had a huge crush! He even became best friends but hopefully, with time, we can become something more...
Good news came Thursday afternoon when dad got back from work, he reached the top of his career track and accomplished his Lifetime Want! He was so excited and could do nothing but jump up and down singing, "I made it top, bee doo, bee doo, bop" for the rest of the day.
Dad wasn't the only one that had a good day, mom also made it to the top of her career track, and also accomplished her Lifetime Want! She was also happy, but instead of jumping up and down like a goof, hired a chef to make us a gourmet celebratory dinner. I'm so happy for both mom and dad, they really make me want to one day be as successful and happy like them both.
But sadly, along with happiness comes sorrow, and later that afternoon, Ol' Grimmy came to pick up Grandma Vicky. I couldn't believe that it was Grandma's time so soon, it seemed like I only just began to spend time with Grandma and get to know her, but for her to be taken away so soon, so sudden was definitely hurtful...
Well, when the time comes, there's nothing you can do.... We are all happy that Grandma lived a long, happy life. Even though she had to endure some struggles, she always came out stronger and as a better person. She never let the negative things in life get to her, instead, she always found the positive thing in everything and everyone. May Grandma Vicky rest in peace.
Victoria O'Connor
Platinum Fortune Gravestone
71 Years Old
Mom was probably the one that took Grandma's passing the hardest. She would cry whenever she walked into Grandma's old room, or whenever she passed her gravestone. She would remember all of the good times she had with Grandma and would often cry when reading Grandma's old journal. She definitely loved her mother, but after some time, she realized that Grandma would've wanted her to move along with her life and continue on with her family.
The first thing that helped mom move along after Grandma's death was Shawn's birthday. Unfortunately, since Grandma's passing was still fresh in our minds, we didn't have the time, or energy, to plan a party and Shawn just had a small transition with just the four of us. Here he is after his transition...
Shawn O'Connor
Male Teenager-S2-Blonde Hair-Dark Blue Eyes
Aries / 10 Neat - 9 Outgoing - 7 Active - 3 Playful - 2 Nice
(Turn Ons/Off) Make Up and Red Hair / Stink
(LTW) Become Chief of Staff
I also thought that I had to move on, so I invited George over for dinner. We talked and noticed that we had a lot in common, so we decided to go steady. We ended up falling in love and having a dream date.
With mom and dad working nights, Shawn and I ended up having a lot of quiet, and quite boring nights, doing homework and studying. Shawn plans on getting a job so he worked a lot on his skills and I just read and watched TV.
As the week progressed, so did my relationship with George. I invited him over for dinner to just hang out almost every other night and look at what he got me...a karaoke machine! He is so awesome! I had mentioned to him that I loved singing and the very next night...BAM...I got a new karaoke maching, I love him!
My "teen" love with George didn't last too long though, because my transition was Sunday afternoon. We threw a pretty small party; just the family and a couple of friends from school; but it was pretty fun. Here I am blowing out the candles and my parents and brother acting like nerds with those blowers, gosh, they can be so embarrasing sometimes!
And this is me after my transition. I decided to go a little softer on the make-up and lose the flower on my hair. What do you think?
You've probably noticed, from the previous pictures, that we're basically done with the remodeling of our house. Here's the exterior view of our new home.
This is the left side of the first floor. It contains (from left to right); a garage, the kitchen, and the dining room.
This is the right side of the first floor. This has a bathroom, the foyer, the living room, and the master bedroom.
This is the right side of the top floor. This has a den, a bathroom, and the hallway.
To the right is my old room, the stairs, and a small 'office' that Shawn and I shared.
And finally, on the right side is Shawn's room, you can tell he chose the nautical theme...what a dork!
You probably noticed that my room, the top floor hallway, and some of the office is missing; that's because I'm moving out! I decided that I definitely had some different, 'beliefs', than my parents and brother and decided to start a household of my own. I plan on starting a life with George, when he gets older because he's still in high school, and decided to let Shawn stay in the house and raise his family for further generations. So you can still check up on me next week as I start my new home and my new life...
Well, that's it for the O'Connor's third week here in Prosperity Island. Be sure to come back next week and see how my fam's doing without me and see if Shawn finds himself a girlfriend? Don't forget to be on the lookout for some updates from me and, possibly, George...See you next week!
-Changes this Round-
Net Worth - $78,404 (Up $19,741)
LTW Fulfilled - Rebecca O'Connor
LTW Fulfilled - Dorian O'Connor
(-2) Sims - Victoria and Madeline O'Connor