Saturday, October 28, 2006

Round 1 - Score

Hey everyone!
I hope you all enjoy reading my prosperity challenge and I'd like to thank everyone who takes the time to leave comments after all of my updates, it's really good to get feed-back from the readers. Anyway, this is my score for my first round playing Prosperity Island. I really plan on improving on it this upcoming round since this one is far from awesome. I also wanted to take the time to let you guys know how I will be scoring Pets. I will count pets as sims and each pet played will count as one point. Pets that reach the top of their career will also count for the bonus at the end but womrats and birds will not count towards these exceptions. Here is my score card for the first round......

Net Worth - $142,877 (Up $62,877)----------------2 points

Number of Sims = 15 (8 New Sims/Pets)------------15 points

17 points

Round 1 - Jacquet

The Jacquet Family
109 Lake Street
Title: Dates to Diapers
Jacquet - Samantha
Hey guys, it's Samantha here and I guess you want to know how my first week went here in Propserity Island, right? Well, as you all know, I moved out of my dad's house earlier this week so this was the first time I was all on my own. A lot people think I moved out because my dad and I had problems but the truth is that I wanted to start a life of my own without anyone telling me what to do. I love dad, but we have different views on how life should be spent. Anyway, you probably noticed that this is now the Jacquet Household instead of Zarko, don't worry, I'll explain later.
Since this is a fairly new neighborhood there are barely any houses so I bought an empty lot. I hired a contractor and he built my first house. You can definitely tell that it's a bachelorette pad, the purple walls kind of give it away. This is an interior view of my house. It consists of a bathroom, bedroom, living room, and kitchen. As you can tell, the purple theme runs throughout the house. Even though I prefer the club scene and going out I knew that I would have to get a job to pay the mortgage and all of my expenses. I got a job in the Athletic Career Track the first day I moved in. Since my job requires a lot of running and exercise, I immediately began working out. I really wanted a promotion and working out would definitely help me advance in my job, not to mention giving me a nice body for all of the guys to admire.
Now that we're on the topic about guys, let me tell you about this hot guy I met on Wednesday. His name is Gilbert and he loves in the shopping center of Prosperity Island. I immediately fell for his charming smile and bright green eyes. I usually prefers blondes, but Gilbert seemed like a great guy and we quickly became best friends.
That same day I came home with my first promotion to Rookie. The promotion really helped because I was able to pay fix my computer, which short-circuited, with the bonus I got at work.
Getting promoted gave me the confidence to invite Gilbert over on our very first date. I him with a kiss in my front porch and got a crush on him.
We talked, ate, danced, and ended up having the time of our lives. By the end of the night we had a 2 bolt relationship, a dream date, and had fallen in love.
I knew that Gilbert was something special and I spent most of my free time in front of the mirror practicing how to ask him out again.
I guess all of the practicing really helped because I found out I was pregnant! Oh my god, I thought Gilbert would have used protection. I can't just blame him thought, I'm as much in fault for not making sure he was. I had never in my life thought that I would be having kids, let alone at the age of 23! I guess I should make the best of it though and try to be a good parent, just like dad did when mom passed away ( See Family Changes).
I knew that I wans't going to be able to take care of a baby alone, with my job and the cost of clothes, food, diapers, etc., so I invited Gilbert over for dinner and explained everything. He was a bit hesitant at first, since he is a romance sim and everything, but agreed to move in and help with the baby. There was only one problem........Gilbert has a MOM! I was shocked, Gilbert had never mentioned he lived with his mother...I guess it would have ruined his reputation of romancer if everyone knew he lived with his mother. We talked about it and we agreed to have his mom move in too, besides, she can help out with the baby and around the house.
Gilbert Jacquet
Male Adult-S2-Blonde Hair-Green Eyes
Libra / 1 Neat - 7 Outgoing - 2 Active - 6 Playful - 9 Nice
(Turn Ons/Off) Glasses and Make Up / Fatness
(LTW) Become Hall of Famer
$ 19,530
It turns out that Gilbert is actually a blonde! I know, I was shocked too. He said he had dyed his hair black because his ex-girlfriend had a thing for black hair but he dyed it back for me....he's so sweet! He also got a job in the Athletic Career track and works on the same team as me! I'm so excited.
Denise Jacquet
Female Elder-S1-Red Hair-Brown Eyes
Virgo / 8 Neat - 2 Outgoing - 8 Active - 2 Playful - 5 Nice
(Turn Ons/Off) Fitness and Cologne / Swimwear
(LTW) Become Business Tycoon
And this is Gilbert's mom, Denise Jacquet. She's pretty nice and very clean so she helps a lot around the house. We sometimes butt heads about where something goes, or how to make dinner, but she's pretty cool overall. Except for one small problem.........
She has a CAT! I was a little worried about having a cat around the house because they seem to make a lot of extra work. I've also always been more of a dog person, but the cat came with Denise so I just had to deal with it. The cat's actually not that bad, she's potty-trained and doesn't scratch the furniture, I think.... Anyway, here is a little more about the cat.
Mocha Jacquet
Female Adult-Orange Fur (dyed Brown)-Dark Green Eyes
Cancer / 2 Genius - 2 Hyper - 3 Independent - 1 Aggressive - 2 Finicky
We really didn't have a lot of extra money to build a big room for Denise so we added on a small room for her and Mocha. Can you guess Denise's favorite color?
I was very worried about Gilbert and his romancing ways and about him running away and leaving me all alone with the baby. We had a long talk about the subject with Denise and decided that it would be best if we marry. Neither Gilbert nor I ever imagined settling down but I guess it's worth it for the baby. God, I sound like a family sim don't I?!?!
Denise decided not to get a job and instead take care of the home, Mocha, and the baby (when it arrives). She still wanted to help pay the bills so she took on painting for a little extra money. She's actually getting pretty good!
I went into labor Sunday morning. Gilbert was at work so Denise helped me through the entire labor. I guess Gilbert couldn't have really done anything anyway so I was fine with him working that day. Boy, it was painful! It really makes you think about getting pregnant!
After much pushing and pain, I finally gave birth to a beautiful baby GIRL. She's almost an exact clone of Gilbert. She has his blonde hair and green eyes but my lighter skin tone. We decided to name her Andrea.
Gilbert was pretty excited about having a baby girl. I could still tell that he was a little worried, he would sometimes spend hours in the bathroom thinking about out future together but hopefully we'll get through it and become a happier couple.
Well, that's all that happened this first week. You probably already figured out why this is the Jacquet Household right? Yeah, I took Gilbert's last name when we got married. Be sure to come back next week and see Andrea grow up into a little girl. Who knows, Gilbert and I might have settled some of the problems we have and maybe Mocha will even get a job?
-Changes this Round-
Net Worth - $44, 951 (Up $25,951)
(+3) New Sims - Gilbert Jacquet, Denise Jacquet, and Andrea Jacquet
(+1) New Pet - Mocha Jacquet

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Round 1 - Zarko

The Zarko Family
107 Lake Street
Title: Family Changes
Zarko - Edward, Adam, Samantha
Hello everyone, my name is Adam and I'm the one with with his arms folded in the picture. My family and I are new to Prosperity Island and just moved here from the city. The old man is my dad, Edward, and the woman is my twin sister, Samantha. Yes, I said twin sister, we're fraternal twins. We moved here to start a new home and lifestyle and try to help dad out now that he is getting older. When Samantha and I were younger, dad used to take care of us and do everything for us because our mother died while giving birth to me and Samantha. Dad would get up really early to drive us to school, and used to work the night-shift in order to able to spend time with us and watch us grow-up. Now that he is getting older, I have taken the responsibility of helping him out like he did to us a long time ago. The city life is just to hectic and this seems like a great place to start a family take care of dad, so here we are. Samantha also helps with dad but she has different beliefs than both us and sometimes prefers to go out an party. Well, I hope that moving to a new place away from clubs and the city will be more comfortable for me and dad, but also might help keep Samantha's mind away from partying. Anyway, here is a little more about my family and I so you can better understand who we are.
Adam Zarko
Male Adult-S1-Blonde Hair-Light Blue Eyes
Cancer / 6 Neat - 3 Outgoing - 6 Active - 4 Playful - 6 Nice
(Turn Ons/Off) Make Up and Red Hair / Fatness
(LTW) Become Criminal Mastermind
I know what you're thinking, "He wants to be a criminal ?!?!". Well the answer is yes and no. I don't want to rob banks or kidnap people for money, I want to do something more along the lines getting "hints" on investments and stocks in order to further my salary and income...
Samantha Zarko
Female Adult-S1-Brown Hair-Light Blue Eyes
Gemini / 4 Neat - 7 Outgoing - 8 Active - 3 Playful - 3 Nice
(Turn Ons/Off) Blonde Hair and Fitness / Fatness
(LTW) Have 50 First Dates
You see what I mean about my sister? She likes to go out with different guys and party all of the time and my dad is getting too old to deal with these problems, I just hope that can both cope with each other and live together, at least for a while.
Edward Zarko
Male Adult-S1-Brown Hair-Green Eyes
Capricorn / 7 Neat - 4 Outgoing - 1 Active - 8 Playful - 5 Nice
(Turn Ons/Off) Gray Hair and Swimwear / Black Hair
(LTW) Become Mad Scientists
As you can see, my dad's a pretty conservative guy. He really wants to become a Mad Scientists but I don't think he will be able to accomplish this in his lifetime. At least he'll have something to look forward to in the time he was left with us.

With the little money we had left over after the move, we hired a contractor to build us a little house. It had a living room, a kitchen, bathroom, and two bedrooms. Samantha had little say in the decorating, you can definitely tell it was decorated by a couple of guys.

This is an exterior view of our new house. It doesn't look to bad does it? Pretty good if I do say so myself.

Both dad and I got jobs to help bring in more money to the household. I got a job in the criminal career track and dad in science. Samantha didn't really want to pitch in with the money and started feeling like she was always overruled by us, which in my mind, was not true. So she decided to move out and bought a house right across the street. With Samantha gone the house started to seem like it was in desperate need of a female inhabitant. I also had been feeling lonely without a girlfriend or my friends back in the city so I decided to start looking for someone to settle down with. I actually met this lovely lady named Amanda on Monday while I was taking the trash out.
I invited her over for dinner and we quickly became the best of friends. Secretly, I wanted more with her than just being friends. I was stunned with her beatiful red hair and inteliigence and hoped of one day getting the guts to ask her out on a date.
I guess all of my praying worked because I decided to invite her on a date Tuesday night. I didn't really have enough money to take her out to a restaurant so I cooked her a lovely dinner and we ended up getting much closer. So close in fact that we ended up having a dream date and falling in love with a 2 bolt relationship. I knew that Amanda was the person who I wanted to spend the rest of lfe with.
I guess she felt the same way to because she agreed to move in with my dad and I that very same night. Here is some more information about the love of my life..
Amanda Langerak
Female Adult-S2-Red Hair-Brown Eyes
Virgo / 8 Neat - 3 Outgoing - 5 Active - 4 Playful - 5 Nice
(Turn Ons/Off) Fitness and Blonde Hair / Black Hair
(LTW) Have 6 Grandchildren
Downtownie / $19,900
We both loved each other and I proposed Wednesday night. She was so excited she nearly jumped out of her chair. We had talked about having a big wedding with all of our friends and family but we really didn't have the money to waste on a big party. And since we were all ready trying for a baby, we decided to just exchange our vows at our house with Sam and dad as witnesses.
To help out with the income Amanda decided to get a job in the culinary career track.
I was a little worried that dad might not approve of our quick marriage and that him and Amanda wouldn't get along but luckily they both shared a lot in common and even study together in their spare time.
That's right, Amanda's pregnant! You might be thinking that it hasn't been enough time for us to have a baby, but hey, she's a family sim. By the way, sorry about the dark photo, I forgot to turn on the flash.
Dad was estatic to have his first grandchild and would constantly talk to the baby or play peek-a-boo as if the baby could actually see or understand him, you just have to love the "power" grandchildren seem to have over their grandparents!
I decided to take on painting for some extra money, people pay a lot of money for original paintings these days!
Since Amanda was on maternity leave, she spent a lot of her time thinking of new recipes to use in the restaurant she works in. She's trying to come up with a great recipe to possibly impress the boss with when she goes back to work to maybe get a promotion.
Pregnancy flew by and pretty soon Amanda went into labor. Both dad and I were at work so she had to undergo the miracle of life, and much pain, on her own. Luckily, she's a strong woman and did fine on her own. In no time she gave birth to a baby BOY. We decided to name him Evan, after Amanda's father. He was my blonde hair and Amanda's brown eyes and tan skin tone. I can't seem to find a picture of Evan as an infant so I guess I'll have to keep you waiting until his first birthday, sorry!
In the meantime, I made my first $5,000 at work and got a pretty big bonus for getting some "info" on a horse race in Simtucky.
I also got pretty good at paiting and sold my first masterpiece Sunday night, but who's bragging?
Evan's first birthday was on Sunday too. Amanda and dad were both working that night so I just baked him a little cake and helped him transition into a toddler. I think he looks a lot like me, what do you think?
Evan Zarko
Male Toddler-S2-Blonde Hair-Brown Eyes
Capricorn / 8 Neat - 3 Outgoing - 2 Active - 10 Playful - 9 Nice
Well that's all that happened this week, hope you enjoyed learning a little more about my family. Be sure to come back next week and see Evan turn into a child, who knows, maybe there will even be a new little Zarko running around? See you next week.
-Changes this Round-
Net Worth - $42, 125 ( Up $22, 125)
(+2) New Sims - Amanda Langerak and Evan Zarko
(-1) Moved Out Sim - Samantha Zarko

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Round 1 - Morawa

The Morawa Family
105 Lake Street
Title: Life On My Own
Morawa - Marc
Hey, my name is Marc and I'm new in Prosperity Island. Oh, who are the people in the picture? Well I'm the one to the side and the other two are my parents, Antonio and Marlene Morawa. They're no longer with us. What happened? Well, I guess I should tell you a little bit more about my life before starting. My family and I lived in Veronaville ever since I was born. My dad owned a travel agency and we lived the good life. Maids, a mansion, cars, trips, anything was in our reach. My parents, being Italian, decided that it would be a good idea to take a vacation and visit interesting places like Rome and Spain. Well, over the summer my dad took a couple of days off at the agency and we flew to Europe. We shopped, had fun, saw every sight worth seeing, and then in no time it was time to come back to Veronaville. It was a pretty rainy day and many of the airports were shut down, but luckily, we had our own private jet and flew back anyway. It's about a 13 hour flight and everything was going great until we started experiencing a little turbulance around Strangetown. We were told to buckle up and the plane started shaking more and more. From there on, all I can remember is hearing a loud boom and seeing the flight attendant sucked out of the plane, the plane was falling apart. That is the last thing I remember. I do remember holding on to mom and dad and them telling me they loved me. That was the last time I saw mom and dad, the plane crashed in Strangetown Valley and nobody made it except me. You'd think that was the worst that could happen but it got even worse. When I got home, I was informed that the money from my father's agency was stollen by his partner and I went from richess to poverty in a matter of days. I heard that Prosperity Island is a new town and figure that there is nothing better than a new town to begin a new life. So I came to Prosperity Island in hopes of putting the past behind me and stating a new life. Here's a little bit more about me.
Marc Morawa
Male Teenager-S3-Black Hair-Brown Eyes
Pisces / 5 Neat - 3 Outgoing - 7 Active - 3 Playful - 7 Nice
(Turn Ons/Off) Make Up and Red Hair / Full Face Make Up
(LTW) Become Business Tycoon
You can see that I want to become a business tycoon just like my dad. I hope to even be able to buy my dad's companies back when I am older, and hopefully, successful.
I bought a small property with some of the money my family had left over. It wasn't at all easy buying the property and arriving on my own. I've always been used to being around my parents and starring out into the openess, all alone, made me very depressed. After a couple of hours of sobbing and loneliness, I figured that my parents would have wanted me to do better. They would have wanted me to move on with my life so I built a small house. This is the interior view of the house. It's not much, but it's better than nothing. It basically consists of a bedroom, bathroom, living room, and kitchen. I wanted to start meeting new people so I threw a little house-warming party. It was actually a pretty good party and tons of people showed up. Here's a picture of me greeting some of the guests.
Oh, you're probably wondering who this is. Well, this is Nicole Thompson, a local here in Prosperity Island. I met her Tuesday morning while I was going to pick up the paper. I was stunned by her beauty, her beautiful red hair, and striking features. I invited her over that same day after school and he talked and talked. We soon became best friends, but hopefully we can become something more serious over the course of time.
On Thursday, I came home with my first A+. I'm so happy, I was having a harder time in school without the help of mom and dad, so actually bringing my grade up to and A+ was quite the accomplishment.
That very same day I reached the top of my career. I forgot to mention it but I got a job in the business career on Monday. I never thought I would reach the top so soon, but I'm not complaining!
With the promotion and good grades, my confidence level was pretty high so I decided to invite Nicole over after school and try to make our friendship into something more. After some talking and flirting we finally shared out first kiss. I asked Nicole to be my girlfriend and she accepted. I think I am in love, I've never had feelings for any other girls like the ones I have for Nicole, thankfully, she has the same feelings. I know we are meant to be together.
Editor's Note:
Nicole is definitely going to be Marc's wife in the not-so-far-away future. They had attraction for each other almost instantly and are my first 3-bolt couple ever without having to change any turn ons or offs. You can definitely expect to see Nicole in future updates.
The rest of the week went by pretty slowly. I had Nicole over on Saturday for dinner and started painting for some extra money. I don't make much, but it's better than nothing. Anyway, that's all that happened my first week here in Prosperity Island. Make sure to come back next week and see what happens with Nicole and I, and also, my birthday is next week so don't forget to bring a gift. Just Kidding.
Come back soon!
-Changes this Round-
Net Worth -$20,992 ( Up $992)