Saturday, September 30, 2006


I just wanted to give you guys this short introduction so that you beter understand this blog and its purpose. As you all know, this blog is dedicated to the posting of my third Prosperity Challenge, entitled Prosperity Island. For the most part, I will follow all of the original "Open For Business" rules but I will also add and substract some rules to make the challenge my own. These are additional rules that I will use while playing Prosperity Island...
  • Every round will be 7 Sim days
  • All marriages will take the male's last name ( name will be randomly chosen in same-sex marriages)
  • I will choose one turn (probably a hair color) and the turn off, the other turn on will be chosen randomly
  • I will not use cheesecake or "Forcetwins" to have twin babies
  • If a playable teen falls in love with a townie ( or a child meets a great future spouse) the townie will be aged into an adult when the playable sim becomes an adult using boolProp

These are basically the only exceptions I will use while playing my prosperity challenge. I will still be playing for points and will have a score update at the end of each round. My goal for this challenge is to continue posting and playing to at least the birth of the fifth generation.

Wish Me Luck!